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Anne Union England & Wales 1707 Silver Medal

ID Number: 155
Category: Irish and World Art Medals
Catalogue Number: Eimer 423
Grade: Extremely Fine
Weight: 70 mm.
Date: 1707 Silver
Ruler: Anne, 1702-1714
Price: $2500.
Additional Details
England.  Anne, 1702-1714. Union of England and Wales 1707.  A large 70 mm. silver medal by  John Crocker.  Crowned and  draped bust of  Queen Anne  facing left wearing gown decorated  with pearls, mantle and collar.  ANNA.DEI.GRATIA.MAG.BRITAN.FRA. ET.HIB.REGINA,   Rev. Statue of the Queen as the Titan warrior, Pallas, bearing a spear and a shield. The significance is that Anne is depicted as the palladium or  defence  of  the newly  unified  Kingdom.  Eimer 423, MI ii, 298/115.  Extremely Fine or better  and  toned a deep grey blue.
Obverse side
Princess Kaiulani Collection
Reverse side
Princess Kaiulani Collection
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