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1736 Superb Copper Proof Halfpenny

ID Number: 230
Category: Irish Coins 1600 - 1823
Catalogue Number: S.6605, KM.125
Grade: Superb Proof Red and Brown
Weight: 8.32 g.
Date: 1736
Denomination: Copper Halfpenny
Pedigree: ex DNW June 2010, L.1371.
Ruler: George II, 1727-1760
Price: $3200. sold
Additional Details
Ireland under George II, 1727-1760.  The Young Head Coinage of 1736 - 1755.  A Superb Copper Proof Halfpenny of 1736.  S.6605; KM.125.  8.32 g., coin orientation, plain edge.  Laureate bust of George II l., around GEORGIUS .  II . R E X .  The top ribbon points to the left of the rt. foot of X.  Rev. Crowned harp of 9 strings divides the date 17  36 at the bottom, H I B E R N I A . well spaced  around at the top.  A central reverse pellet is on the 6th harp string.  A superb Gem Proof, fully struck, showing no hairlines and about half the original red color.  Ex DNW June 2010, L.1371.
Obverse side
Princess Kaiulani Collection
Reverse side
Princess Kaiulani Collection
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