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1690 Irish Silver Gunmoney Crown Superb Proof

ID Number: 231
Category: Irish Coins 1600 - 1823
Catalogue Number: S.6585
Grade: Superb Gem Proof
Weight: 19.95 g.
Date: 1690
Denomination: Silver Gunmoney Crown
Pedigree: ex Akers Pittman Sale Aug 1999, L.3977
Ruler: James II, 1685-1691
Price: $45,000. Sold
Additional Details
James II 1685-1691, Irish Gunmoney Crown 1690 in Silver.  S.6585 (Unpriced Extremely Rare); KM.103 and KM.PN.12 (Unpriced).  19.95 g. Medal orientation.  Plain edge. King on horse l. with armor.  Legend reads inward around beginning at top, IAG . GRA . MAG . BRI . FRA . ET . HIB . REX.  The usurper James II makes a clear political statement by pointing the sword in his right hand to the end of REX.  Small letters.  Rev. Arms of the King, including a Harp of 4 strings, forms a cross with the Crown in the center, the quadripartite cross dividing  ANO   DOM  above, and  16   90  below.  Around from the top reading inward,  CHRIS TO . VICT ORE . TRI VMPHO. 

The dies are similar to those of the bronze gunmoney crowns, S.6578 and KM.103, only much finer.  Advanced Numismatist Jim Noble of Sydney has advanced the theory the coin is the extraordinary die work of Matthew Bolton.  The strong pedigree supports this, as the coin only began trading at a time when Matthew Bolton's other coins first appeared, with similar pedigrees.  Ex Montagu, ex Wakeford Sale 1894, ex Thorburn Sale 1905, ex Spink Lockett Sale 1957, L.649, ex Spink privately to John J. Pittman, ex David Akers Pittman Sale Aug 1999, L.3977.  Underscoring the importance of this coin, Akers photographed it front center of the Pittman Sale catalog.  “My father’s favorite coin”, according to Mr. Pittman's daughter, Polly Pittman.  One of the treasures of Irish Numismatics.

A spectacular deep struck Gem Proof with flawless proof surfaces with original luster under light blue and grey toning. 
Obverse side
Princess Kaiulani Collection
Reverse side
Princess Kaiulani Collection
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