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Release of Feargus O'Connor 1841

ID Number: 5298
Category: Irish and World Art Medals
Catalogue Number: BHM 2009; Eimer 1354
Grade: Extremely Fine
Weight: 44 mm.
Date: 1841 White Medal
Price: $390.
Additional Details
Release of Feargus O’Connor 1841,  a white metal medal, unsigned, bust left, rev. view of York castle, 44mm (BHM 2009; E. 1354).  Feargus O’Connor (1794-1855), MP for Cork 1832-5 and later for Nottingham, Chartist leader and agitator for reform, sentenced to 18 months  imprisonment in York castle for seditious libel in 1840 but released two months early, on 27 August 1841. Founded the National Land Co. to buy estates in Ireland in 1846.  Extremely Fine. 
Obverse side
Princess Kaiulani Collection
Reverse side
Princess Kaiulani Collection
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