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Ormonde Silver 2 Pence Pellet each side Short Fat II

ID Number: 5510
Category: Irish Hammered Coins
Catalogue Number: S.6550; DF 310v.
Grade: Very Fine
Weight: 0.91 g., 13 mm.
Date: 1643 - 1644
Denomination: Silver 2 Pence or Half Groat
Pedigree: ex Spink; ex DNW June 2008 L.82
Ruler: Charles I, 1625 - 1649
Price: $5000.
Additional Details
Charles I, 1625 - 1649, The Great Rebellion coinage of the Lords of Justice, Issue of James Butler Marquis, Duke of Ormonde, issued 1643 - 1644.

S.6550; DF 310v. Ormonde 2 Pence or Half groat, 0.91 g., 13 mm. Obv. Crown above C and R, for Charles Rex, corners of cross and long tail of R just touch inner fine line circle. R and C crude w blunt and nonexistent fonts, and open at top.  C well clear of circle.  Tail of R quite regular and just clears line circle.  The obverse pellet seems to be stuck directly on top of the top font of the C.

Rx. Short fat Roman II, only 3.4 mm. high, bottom corners of II just touch the inner fine line circle.  The well formed D almost central and well clear in the space above the II and within the circle.  There is a central pellet raised a bit, within the II.  For both sides, the outer toothed border around is incomplete due to centering and the flan being small, but the fine line circle is complete. 

Anthony Dowle and Patrick Finn's The Guide Book to the Coinage of Ireland, 1969, lists 3 varieties for the Ormonde 2 pence, the requisite weight being 14 grains...

DF 310 C.R w Rev D and I.I large letters, single pellet on each side
DF 311 CR w Rev D and II large letters, no pellet on either side
DF 312 C.R and Rev as DF 311 pellet on obv, no pellet on rev, large II, and small D

The present piece seems to be a variety of DF 310, as it has a pellet on both sides, but a quite short stubby II, 3.4 mm high, rather than a "large" II, such as the II in the Millenium collection which was 5.0 mm high.

The silver 2 Pence is the rarest of the Duke of Ormonde denominations, followed closely by the 3 pence.  The most common is the 4 pence or groat.

Very Fine.  All devices well outlined w even wear.  Old gray tone on good sterling silver plate cut almost round.  Rare and an important piece for the variety$5000.

ex Spink including a collector tickets; ex DNW June 2008, L.82
Obverse side
Princess Kaiulani Collection
Reverse side
Princess Kaiulani Collection
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