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Silver Ormonde 6 Pence DF 302 Plate Coin no pellet

ID Number: 5514
Category: Irish Hammered Coins
Catalogue Number: S.6547; DF 302 no obv pellet
Grade: Near Very Fine
Weight: 2.80 g., 18 mm square
Date: 1643 - 1644
Mint: $900.
Denomination: Silver Ormonde 6 Pence
Pedigree: ex Spink auction 182 2006 L.459; ex DNW Dec 2013 L3170
Ruler: Charles I, 1625 - 1649
Price: $900.
Additional Details
Charles I, 1625 - 1649, The Great Rebellion coinage of the Lords of Justice, Issue of James Butler Marquis, Duke of Ormonde, issued 1643 - 1644.

S.6549; DF 308, Ormonde 6 Pence, 2.80 g., 18 mm square.  Obv. Crown above C and R, for Charles Rex, all devices clear of the medium line circle about, except the long curled tail of the R.  

Rx. A petite D atop a 7.0 mm high Roman VI, w a medium line circle around, the top left seraph of the V crossing, and the bottom rt seraph of the I touching, the circle. The D is well clear. 

The Spink Catalogue is a bit abbreviated for the Irish Ormonde series.  Anthony Dowle and Patrick Finn's The Guide Book to the Coinage of Ireland, 1969, lists 3 varieties for the Ormonde 6 pence, requisite weight 46 grains, none w rev pellets...

DF 300 C.R rev D/VI small letters
DF 301 C.R rev D/VI large letters
DF 302 C R no pellet bet C and R

The present piece has no pellet, and is the DF 302 Plate Coin photographed DF p. 61.

Near Very Fine.  Piece shows even light wear, the inner circle being complete on the rev, but showing some wear upper left on the obv.  The outer toothed circle only showing only in places.  All central devices and lettering well defined, showing some jewels in the band of the crown.  Struck on a mostly square flan cut from good flattened sterling plate.  A little light 2.83 g. = 43.21 grains, the requisite struck weight being 46 grains.  Even old gray tone.  The DF 302  Plate Coin this piece. $900.

ex Spink auction 182 29 Jun 2006 L.459; ex DNW 5 Dec 2013 L3170
Obverse side
Princess Kaiulani Collection
Reverse side
Princess Kaiulani Collection
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