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Philip and Mary base silver groat dated 1557

ID Number: 5519
Category: Irish Hammered Coins
Catalogue Number: S.6501C; DF 237
Grade: About Fine
Weight: 2.78 g., 25 mm.
Date: 1557
Mint: Dublin, mm rose
Denomination: 4 Penny Base Silver Groat
Ruler: Philip and Mary, 1554 - 1558
Price: $300.
Additional Details
Mary and Philip of Spain, 1554 - 1558.  Base coinage 0.250 fine silver.  Of the 4 dates issued 1555, 1556, 1557, and 1558, this date 1557, the scarcest date is 1558, followed by 1557.

S.6501C; DF 237.  A 4 penny base silver groat, 2.78 g., 26 mm.  Mintmark rose, Facing busts of Philip left and Mary rt, w quite clear date, 1557, above. An inner circle of beads around, Legend around, PHILIP Z MARIA D G REX [Z RE] GINA A, w toothed border around mostly not present.

Rx. Crowned harp divides crowned P and [crowned M], legend around reads, POSVIMVS DEVM ADIVTO NOSTR, We have made the Lord our helper.

About Fine
.  Legends mostly quite clear, date very clear, some details showing in the portraits, 8 strings showing on the harp.  Tone a bit dark, but would not want to lighten it, as it would take away details.  Rim w only a bit of deterioration because of the base 0.250 fine silver.  $300.
Obverse side
Princess Kaiulani Collection
Reverse side
Princess Kaiulani Collection
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