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1943 Florin Extremely Rare

ID Number: 5531
Category: Free State Irish Coins
Catalogue Number: KM 15
Grade: Fine or better
Weight: 11.14 g.
Date: 1943
Denomination: Silver Florin
Pedigree: ex Whytes Dublin 1994
Price: $12,000.
Additional Details
 A 1943 Irish 2 shilling or florin piece.  Extremely Rare.  The stand alone rarity of the Irish Free State Coinage.  Weight = 11.14 g.

Fine or better.  Naturally circulated showing no evidence of cleaning or tooling.  No rim bumps. A very light old scratch on the fish for identification purposes.  Coin passes the "glass test."  It is perfectly flat, and never been bent or straightened.  It does not wobble on a flat glass.

About 35 to 40 pieces exist.  One bag of 1000 pieces was shipped from England to Ireland in 1943.  Since silver was determined to be a critical war material, it was called back before being put into circulation.  Literally, a handful of pieces were retained.  Four of those exist today as uncirculated.  The rest are found in uniformly Fine circulated condition, such as this one.

Being rare, the coins are counterfeited in several ways.  One is by shaving off the last 1 of a 1941 florin, and replacing the 1 w a 3 from a 1939 florin.  These are detected by traces of a 1 appearing, and burnishing in the field to mask the soldering process.  The present coin has no trace of a 1, and no burnishing, w original surfaces evidencing natural circulation wear, and an uninterrupted old patina.

Counterfeits are made by casting.  These are easily detected by the surfaces having raised pimples.  They usually fail the glass test, as they are not typically perfectly flat.

Die cast struck copies are more difficult to detect, but they invariably lack details or have details that are not common to the original.  The problem can usually be resolved by the rims and the positioning of the devices and dentils.  This piece, not only has no issues w re any of that criteria, it also has a 1994 Whytes Dublin Auction Pedigree, where it was purchased by a now retired Irish dealer in Cork, and sold on to one collector in Ireland, who has had it his collection since.

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Obverse side
Princess Kaiulani Collection
Reverse side
Princess Kaiulani Collection
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