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1930 Choice Brilliant Unc Florin

ID Number: 5532
Category: Free State Irish Coins
Catalogue Number: KM 7
Grade: Very Choice MInt State Uncirculated
Date: 1930
Denomination: Silver Florin
Price: $650.
Additional Details
Ireland -- A silver florin or 2 shilling piece of 1930 in very rare choice Brilliant Uncirculated.

Silver florins of Ireland were issued in most years from 1928 thru 1943.  This date, 1930 is quite difficult to find in Choice Uncirculated Condition.  The first year, 1928, is readily available, as the coins were a novelty, and many were set aside and kept.  But by 1930, the novelty had worn off, and keeping the date, which had a low mintage to begin with, required keeping it thru the years of the depression, when it would have purchased a nice meal. 

Coins from 1939 - 1942 were brought back by U.S. soldiers to the States, and thus did not circulate, and are obtainable in uncirculated grade.  But Irish Florins from 1930, 1931, 1933, 1934, and 1935 are very difficult to come by in Strictly Uncirculated condition, as is this one.

This coin has uninterrupted brilliant original surfaces, w the lightest tone.  Fully struck w sharp details of the harp and all features.  A Lovely rare date in strictly Choice Brilliant Uncirculated condition.
Obverse side
Princess Kaiulani Collection
Reverse side
Princess Kaiulani Collection
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