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Condition Census Vitellius Sestertius 1901 pedigree

ID Number: 5554
Category: Ancient Greek & Roman
Catalogue Number: RIC 157; BMC p.377; C 62
Grade: Extremely Fine w brown green patina
Weight: 29.03 g., 37 mm.
Date: 69 AD
Mint: Rome
Denomination: AE Sestertius
Pedigree: J.Tyszkiewicz Collection 1901 and others
Ruler: Vitellius
Price: $35K.
Additional Details
Vitellius, AE Sestertius, Rome mint, April-December 69,  29.03 grams, 37 mm. Obv. Laureate bust right, A VITELLIVS GERM IMP AVG P M TR P.  Rev. Pax standing left, holding olive branch and cornucopiae, S C in field, around PAX AVGVSTI, thus celebrating the "end" of the civil wars of 68 - 69 AD.  cf. RIC 157 [reads germa]; BMC p.377; C 62; cf. Sear 2205.

Extremely Fine w highest points fully detailed.  Brown green patina.  Extremely Rare.

Provenance: A dominant Roman Imperial Bronze in many important collections...

ex J. Tyszkiewicz Collection, Raymond Serrure Auction (Paris), 25 June 1901 for 32 pounds; ex C.E.G. Mackerell Collection, Sotheby Auction, 16-18 May 1906, lot 60 for 43 pounds; ex Lord Sidmouth Collection for 38/10 pounds; ex F. Gnecchi Collection for 55 pounds; ex G. Gillet Collection for 75 pounds, ex Jules Florange/Louis Ciani Auction 73 (Paris), 28 May 1924; ex Spink NCL May 1940 (G 34) No. 98782.

Both sides
Princess Kaiulani Collection
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