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Finest Galba Alexandrian Drachm

ID Number: 5566
Category: Ancient Greek & Roman
Catalogue Number: Dattari 322; RPC I 5346; Staffieri 22 (this coin)
Grade: VF w/reddish brown patina
Weight: 27.26 g., 36 mm.
Date: 68 - 69 AD
Mint: Alexandria
Denomination: AE Drachm
Pedigree: Triton XXI Staffieri L.22; Triton VI, L.582
Ruler: Galba
Price: $4000.
Additional Details

EGYPT, Alexandria. Galba. AD 68-69. Æ Drachm (36mm, 27.26 g, 12h). Dated RY 2 (AD 68/69). ΣE[POYI ΓΑ]ΛΒΑ AYTO ΚΑΙΣ ΣΕΒA, laureate head right / Draped bust right of Nike; L B (date) to right. Köln 243; Dattari (Savio) 322; K&G 17.22; RPC I 5346; Emmett 175.2; Staffieri, Alexandria In Nummis 22 (this coin).

Very Fine, reddish brown patina with touches of green, some minor smoothing.  Perhaps the finest known.  $4000.
ex Giovanni Maria Staffieri Collection, Triton XXI, L. 22; ex Triton VI, 14 January 2003, L. 582.

Galba continued Nero’s emphasis on the production of billon tetradrachms at the Alexandrian mint. His bronze coinage, while not quite as rare as Nero’s, is known only from
his second regnal year at Alexandria. The authors of RPC cite only seven examples for this type.
Both sides
Princess Kaiulani Collection
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