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Inchiquin Halfcrown

ID Number: 5606
Category: Irish Coins 1600 - 1823
Catalogue Number: S.6533; DF.277; Bull.1
Grade: VF, previously graded NGC VF20
Weight: 14.08 g., 31 x 27 mm.
Date: c.1642-1643
Denomination: Silver Halfcrown
Ruler: Lord Justices of Ireland
Price: $4500.
Additional Details
Lord Justices Inchiquin Halfcrown.  1642-1643.  S.6533.  Bull No. 1.  14.08 g., 31 x 26 mm. Countermark 9 pennyweight 16 grains, struck to both sides of cut, six sided, and filed to weight silver sterling plate.  Three pellets form a horizontal arc between the bottoms of 9 and 16.  A distinctive die crack from the top of the upright of r to the fine beaded circle.

There are six different Inchiquin denominations, crown, halfcrown, shilling, ninepence, sixpence, and groat.  All the Inchiquin denominations are very rare, the halfcrown being the most available.  Maurice Bull published a census of 14 halfcrowns, 8 being this die, the other 6 examples spread between 2 other varieties and one subvariety.  Counterfeits are encountered, but usually do not present a problem.  $4500.

Obverse side
Princess Kaiulani Collection
Reverse side
Princess Kaiulani Collection
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