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England Richard III York Silver Halfgroat with an Exceptional Pedigree

ID Number: 5612
Category: World & US Coins
Catalogue Number: SCBC.2162; Lockett I 1662; N.1682
Grade: VF
Weight: 1.47 g., 19 mm.
Date: 1484-1485
Mint: London
Denomination: Silver Halfgroat
Pedigree: Extensive back to Tyssen Collection 1802
Ruler: Richard 1483-1485
Price: $15K. sold
Additional Details
YORK (Restored). Richard III. 1483-1485. AR Halfgroat (19mm, 1.47 g, 2h). Type 3. London mint; im: halved sun & rose 2/–. Struck June 1484–22 August 1485. (halved sun & rose) RICΛRD DI GRΛ RЄX ΛnGL Z FRΛnC (saltire stops), crowned facing bust within tressure of arches / (halved sun & rose) POSVI DЄVm A DIVTOR Є mЄVm/ CIVI TAS LOn DOn (saltire stops), long cross pattée; trefoils in quarters. MHG dies 6/2vi, 21 (this coin); Lockett I 1662; North 1682; SCBC 2162.

Jasper Burns denotes these 5 diagnostic identifiers for the Irish Richard III obverses of silver pennies and halfpennies.  See Burns, "Irish Hammered Pennies of Edward IV, Edward V, and Richard III." purple 5th ed, p.104.  It is interesting to study the portrait of this English two penny and find Burns's similar identifying portraiture characteristics for Irish Richard III small silver...

Jasper Burns Five identifiers for Irish Richard III obverse dies...
1) thick upper lip
2) small narrow lower lip
3) larger higher bulging right eye (from the viewer's standpoint)
4) two central openings in the crown uneven in size and slanting to right
5) hair terminating at mid-cheek

Only diagnostic No. 4 is lacking, the two central openings in the crown appear slightly uneven in size, yes, but do not slope to the right.

Toned VF.   $15K.  sold

A coin of great rarity with an outrageous pedigree...  

ex Samuel Tyssen collection, Leigh and Sotheby, 6 December 1802, lot 213, sold for £3/4/- to Dimsdale
ex Thomas Dimsdale collection, Sotheby, 6 July 1824, lot 482, sold for £13/5/- to Rev. Martin
ex Rev J W Martin collection, Sotheby, 23 May 1859, lot 128, sold for £2/19/- to Capt Murchison
ex Capt R M Murchison collection, Sotheby, 27 June 1864, lot 105, sold for £13/16/- to Addington
ex Samuel Addington collection, purchased en bloc in 1883 by H Montagu
ex Hyman Montagu collection, Sotheby, 7 May 1888, lot 159, sold for £15/10/- to Rostron
ex Simpson Rostron collection, Sotheby, 16 May 1892, lot 99, sold for £11/15/- to dealer Webster
ex John G Murdoch collection, Sotheby, 31 March 1903, lot 380, sold for £9/2/6 to dealer Ready
ex Bernard M S Roth collection, Sotheby, 19-20 July 1917, lot 232, sold for £10/10 to dealer Spink
ex J Shirley-Fox collection, died 1939, sold in a private transaction before this date
ex George R Blake collection, sold through B A Seaby Bulletin, June 1956, item BL75 for £30
ex Raymond Carlyon-Britton collection, portion sold to B A Seaby c.1958
ex B A Seaby Bulletin, January 1959, item X161 for £42/10/-
ex B A Seaby Bulletin, September 1961, item H427 for £62/10/-
ex B A Seaby Bulletin, January 1963, item H1423 for £95. accompanied by ticket at this price
ex Eric J Harris collection, sold to A H Baldwin & Sons Ltd in 1995
ex Arthur Fitts Collection, Baldwins Sale 69, 3 May 2011, L.602

Coin comes with the Seaby ticket from 1959, (95 pounds), and another ticket, which may be J.Shirley-Fox's ticket, as it stops w the Roth Collection.
Obverse side
Princess Kaiulani Collection
Reverse side
Princess Kaiulani Collection
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