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England Elizabeth I Finely Engraved 1562 Silver Shilling

ID Number: 5613
Category: World & US Coins
Catalogue Number: SCBC.2595; N.2026; Shuttlewood.437
Grade: about EF or better
Weight: 3.23 g., 26 mm.
Date: 1562
Mint: London
Denomination: Silver 6 Pence
Pedigree: ex Stacks Coin Galleries 1998
Ruler: Elizabeth I, 1558-1603
Price: $2000. sold
Additional Details
Elizabeth I, 1558-1603.  A milled silver 6 pence of 1562.  3.23 g., 26 mm., Mintmark star.  A tall bust C, ornamental dress, medium rose.  SCBC.2595; N.2026; Shuttlewood 437; Borden & Brown BNJ 1983.  Bust C, Obv die 24-02/Rev die 24-R2.

A finely engraved early milled 6 pence of superior workmanship, fully and deeply struck, about EF or better, with mostly grey, but a bit of gold and blue tone, especially on the reverse.   $2000.  sold

ex Stacks Coin Galleries 15 July 1998, L.705

From Spink's Standard Catalogue of British Coins, 2020 ed., p. 261...

"Coins of exceedingly fine workmanship were produced in a screw press introduced by Eloye Mestrelle, a French moneyer, in 1561.  With parts of the machinery powered by a horse-drawn mill, the coins produced came to be known as mill money.  Despite the superior quality of the coins produced, the machinery was slow and inefficient compared to striking by hand.  Mestrelle's dismissal was engineeered in 1572, and six years later he was hanged for counterfeiting."

Obverse side
Princess Kaiulani Collection
Reverse side
Princess Kaiulani Collection
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