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Only Known Complete 1950 Proof Set of 3 Coins

ID Number: 5669
Category: Free State Irish Coins
Catalogue Number: KM.11; KM.12.a.; KM.13a.
Grade: All 3 Near Gem Proofs, penny w much color
Weight: 9.50 g., 3.21 g., 4.51 g.
Date: 1950 Complete Proof Set of all 3 denominations
Denomination: 1950 Complete Proof Set of all 3 denominations
Pedigree: ex Del Parker
Price: Complete 1950 Proof Set of 3 coins. $15K
Additional Details
A 1950 Proof Irish Penny, 3 Pence, and 6 Pence.  KM.11 Penny, 9.50 g., 30 mm., KM.12a. 3 Pence, 3.21 g., 18 mm., KM.13a. 6 Pence, 4.51 g., 21 mm.  A complete set of Near Gem Proofs w knife edges, abundant Red & Brown color on the Copper Penny.

This 1950 Penny is clearly original with much Red & Brown luster, likely PR 64 or PR 65.  The Penny has a census of 3 known, the present coin, one graded by PCGS PR 66 Brown; and a third, graded by NGC PR 64 Brown. 

This 1950 Proof 3 Pence is the only one seen, and is likely PR 64 or 65.  No Proof 1950 Three Pences have been graded by  NGC and PCGS. 

This 1950 Proof 6 Pence is likely PR 64 or PR 65, and has a census of three known, the present coin, one graded by NGC PR 64, and a third, graded by PCGS PR 64.  

There may be some other coins in museums. Some of the coins graded by NGC or PCGS may be the same coin, and most all have been worked with, or cleaned, to some extent, to "improve," or "conserve," their grade.  The coins in the present set have never been graded.  All 3 coins are original.

This Proof 1950 group of 3 coins is offered, as a complete set, to keep intact. It is extremely difficult to find these, and once they are placed in a collection, they seem to just not be available.  Putting together a complete set of Irish proofs has never been done.

This 1950 Penny, 3 Pence, and 6 Pence, were purchased by me, separately, at different auctions, Whytes Dublin, Baldwins, Spink London, or DNW c.1999 to 2005 or so.  Subsequently sold at DNW, c. 2008, as the only known complete 3 piece Irish Proof Set of 1950, and recently reacquired.   $15K.

These Proofs generally came about by mintmasters of New Zealand, Australia, and Canada trading samples of their products with the Royal Mint, and these pieces subsequently making their way to Baldwins or Spink.
Obverse side
Princess Kaiulani Collection
Reverse side
Princess Kaiulani Collection
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