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Morbiducci Florin

ID Number: 151
Category: Free State Irish Coins
Catalogue Number: KM Pr7
Grade: Choice Proof PCGS PR62
Date: 1927
Denomination: Pattern Florin
Pedigree: ex SNC June 1976, ex Baldwins 7 May 2008, L.2594
Price: $15,000. Sold
Additional Details
1927 Publio Morbiducci Pattern Florin.  Plain edge, coin orientation, stuck in silver.  Harp, date below, saorstat eireann, PROVA in field.  Rev salmon and foliage, signature above, denomination below. Encapsulated PCGS PR 62 Silver.  Blue and gold toned Choice Proof looks quite nice and original.  One of the nicest I have seen. About 5 or 6 known. Ex SNC Jun 1976, ex Baldwins 7 May 2008, L.2594. 

The rarest Morbiducci Patterns are the Halfcrown and Penny, followed by the Florin, followed by the six pence shilling and three pence.  The Krause listing for the farthing and Halfpenny appears in error, as the coins have not been seen, and are known only by the plaster design models.

Publio Morbiducci's designs were considered the most beautiful, but they were not selected, perhaps because the design was distinctively Italian and not Irish.
Obverse side
Princess Kaiulani Collection
Reverse side
Princess Kaiulani Collection
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