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Irish 1683 Coin Weight for Half Ducatoon

ID Number: 5697
Category: Irish & World Tokens
Catalogue Number: W.2572a.
Grade: Very Fine w mixed patina
Weight: Brass 23 mm., 14.56 g.
Date: Proclamation of 1683
Denomination: Half Ducatoon, X:8
Pedigree: Dublin Coin Fair Feb 2020
Price: $100.
Additional Details
Proclamation of 1683, Coin Weight of Ireland for Half Ducatoon.  AE 14.56 g., 23 mm.  Withers  2572a.  THE STANDARD of IRELAND crowned harp, 16  83 at sides. Bottom of 1 of date above and to right of D.  Rx. *ACCORDING. TO . AVTHORITY around; in centre X D, 8 G below.  The G almost touches the first serif of the X.

Very Fine w dark mostly glossy patina, showing some deterioration in parts.  Scoring under patina on reverse to reduce the weight.  Rare.  $100.

Dublin Coin Fair Feb 2020.

The identification of this piece and other Coin Weights of Ireland, makes indispensable use of numismatic legends, Paul and Bente Withers's The Coin-Weights of IRELAND, 76 pps, quarto, card covers, all weights w clear color photos throughout, pub. 2019, Galata Press, Wales.  A revision, and collaborative work incorporating new discoveries and research from all the advanced collectors of the series, upgrading the Irish section of their previous work of 1993.  A new signed by both authors copy of this book is available for $40.
Obverse side
Princess Kaiulani Collection
Reverse side
Princess Kaiulani Collection
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